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Forum Rules & Guidelines

on Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:20 pm
Forum Rules and Guidelines
Welcome to our community! This is the place where you can interact with other members, ask questions about our games, suggest solutions and/or provide valuable feedback to the developers.
To promote a positive atmosphere and keep this community “clean” and constructive we must insist that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times when participating in any facet of the community.
Before you start posting, it is requested to read the below rules. If any of the rules are violated, moderators and admins will have the right to take the appropriate actions.

Forum Rules:

  • Posts must be made in designated forum language. Any threads other than the designated language will be removed.
  • Piracy and Pornography! All messages that include linking, mentioning or promoting piracy content will be deleted and the member will be banned. Pornography is not to be linked or shared on this forum.
  • Spamming and Advertising is not permitted. Posts that include links with the purpose of promoting other products, services or selling items will be deleted. In the case that the member will repeatedly violate this rule, he/she will be banned from the forums.
  • Religious, National, Racial hatred etc. Refrain from discussing any religion, religious figure, nationality, race, country, or region. Such subjects hold no place on this forum.
  • Threatening or insulting other members is not accepted and messages will be deleted.
  • Posting personal details about a other user including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc. is not permitted and any user that does will be immediately removed from the forum.
  • You may not at any time attack Coba Platinum or insult any Coba Platinum employee.
  • Respect each others opinion. Don’t try and force your own opinion onto someone or deride what other members believe about the game.
  • Don't argue with moderators. They are there to do their job which is upholding the rules of the forum and making sure everyone has a good time here. Arguing with mods in public will increase your penalty.
  • Abusing the rating system through either by thread-spamming (same/multiple ratings on each post in a thread) or by targeting a specific user.
  • When voicing your opinion regarding one of Coba Platinum's products, do this in a polite and constructive manner. Angry replies which are just stating how bad something is, is not the right way to bring criticism.
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed (alts) and such can be banned on sight.

Feedback and Constructive Criticism
We invite you to post your feedback, either negative or positive. Without this we won’t be able to improve the games and resolve any problems/bugs. Try to be as more constructive as possible by providing reasons why you like or don’t like something in the game and what can be done to make it better.

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